Monday, 7 December 2015

It's Colchester away.....

The F A Cup 3rd Round draw has served us a mouth-drying away trip to Colchester United on 9th January. The match-up is entirely in keeping with our fortunes in this competition since winning it in the last century. 

I am assuming we will be spared the embarrassment of seeing Calum Harriott running at us under the terms of his loan, although having been cup-tied at the weekend there is no chance of him being recalled to play for us. It will be a good opportunity for us to gauge ourselves against League One opposition and to write another sentence in our F A Cup history. I can't wait. I literally can't.

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Anonymous said...

My son watched the draw Dave and he said the bloke pulling out the balls didn't really give them a stir, and then pulled out a lot of clubs together that start with the same letter..

so it could have been different - we could have drawn Chelsea or Carlisle away!

I suspect Colchester aren't exactly excited about getting us, but must fancy their chances. For some bizarre reason we fancy going to this one.

Pembury Addick