Sunday, 27 December 2015

Farewell Karel Fraye...

I reckon tomorrow will be Karel Fraye's last match in charge of team affairs.

With Diarra likely to miss through injury we will be reliant on the inexperienced central defensive pairing of Naby Sarr and Harry Lennon. In turn, their protection is likely to be Jackson and Ba. Sorry but I can't see any chance of a clean sheet and we will likely need to score several to win and I can't see that either.

I also suspect that our players will likely know that Fraye is teetering in the brink and one more depressing performance and a fifth home defeat will be enough for Duchebag to order his sacking so another extensive scouring of the world's best football coaches can be started by the ruthlessly efficient Katrien Meire. I fully expect her to announce the latest Flemish speaking Goon before the transfer window opens so he has maximum opportunity to bring in the eleven superstars required to avoid us slipping into the Third Division. Even now I am wondering who the Galactico signing will be. Sacking Fraye tomorrow night will enable a week in which to make the changes ahead of the home match with Forest.

Of course, the books will need to be balanced. Tony Watt's undisclosed transfer to Cardiff should be announced first and I am expecting us to sell at least one other. The spin on Watt could well be that he has been released reluctantly as the club wouldn't want to stand in the way of a player who wants to leave. Gudmundsson could well be the other. He has looked unhappy for a couple of months having extended with us in the hope of being part of a successful side. I suspect he's made it known he wants away and will be one we can sell relatively easily and pick up another undisclosed fee. Lookman is the other obvious candidate and any decision to sell him could be telling. He is clearly needed to help us avoid relegation and Duchebag is likely to get a much bigger fee in the close season or even later if Lookman continues to flourish in our first team. If we do sell, it may well suggest that Roly is working towards cutting his losses as he looks to bail out of Charlton Athletic. What's obvious is that our trading will confirm how keen or otherwise Duchebag is to avoid relegation. 


Bob Miller said...

Check out our record to date versus relegation year 2008/09. Scary or what? (numbers compliments of Dick Sheppard).

Fixed width font
---------Pld Pos W D L F A Pts GD
1997/98 23 4 12 5 6 43 29 41 14
1999/00 23 3 13 5 5 40 25 44 15
2007/08 23 5 11 5 7 33 27 38 6
2008/09 23 23 4 6 13 25 39 18 -14
2012/13 23 18 7 8 8 28 30 29 -2
2013/14 23 19 5 8 10 21 29 23 -8
2014/15 23 12 6 13 4 24 25 31 -1
2015/16 23 23 4 7 12 20 39 19 -19

801912601 said...

Although I share your views in hoping that KF is about to be kicked out I cant see it happening. Even if we get stuffed by the Wolves tomorrow he will be retained as the trusted pair of hands to get in a handful of new players with a few of this summers lightweights going out (hopefully).
With Steve Clarke & Nigel Pearson still available I would much prefer ether of these but I expect we will carry on limping to relegation.