Monday, 14 December 2015

Bolton nah

Bolton at the Valley tomorrow evening will be the lowest actual gate of the season so far. A perfect storm of sorts sees bottom-placed Wanderers, come to the Valley on a night match in December immediately following a home Saturday match. All on the back of increasing apathy and falling attendance numbers as season ticket holders can't be bothered making the effort and there is no longer a market for spare tickets.

Sadly, I am now amongst the number who will go if they have nothing better to do and tomorrow night I have a work event which I'd rather be at. I am hoping we fare better than the last five night games which have all finished in defeat. With two successive away games to come at Burnley and Bristol City, if we fail to beat Bolton, we could well be points adrift in the relegation zone, by the time Wolves visit on 28th December.

Speaking of which, Wolves is Quid-for-a-Kid which should, ordinarily, be close to a full house coming as it does on a public holiday. The current levels of disinterest will be truly tested this time around. Can we break 20,000?

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