Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Best wishes for 2016

As we approach the end of 2015, it's not one we can cherish as Charlton fans. Sadly, 2016 doesn't look like it will get any better and it could well get a lot worse. 

In the meantime, I have had a little look back over the year's posts and I would again like to thank all of you who take the team to read my outpourings. In particular, to those of you who took the time to fiddle with the authentication thing and successfully leave me a comment. The number of unique visitors is on the decline and has been for a couple of years, although I post less than I used to. As of today I have had 683,000 visitors since I started in August 2007. The current run rate is around the 5,000 mark a month on average but it's those of you who comment that give me the most satisfaction. During 2015 I had comments from around 55 of you have been bold enough to leave a name and hundreds more from eponymous Anonymous.

There are a mixture of regulars, some fellow Bloggers and some Charlton mates but thanks all the same to all of you;

Chicago Addick, PH, Pembury Addick, Martin Cowan, Bob Miller, Geoff, 801912601, Dave Walker, Devlin Powell, Pete, Pedro45, Scoops, Tony, Blucher, Dave the Train, AC, Brian Cowan, Kings Hill Addick, Wyn Grant, Marco, Confidential Rick, Bristol Addick, Hungry Ted, Thanet Addick, Ian, Boneyboy, Herek Dales, Thamesmeadirons, Bazza, Samuel, Colin G, Ray, Ketts, Stuart, Albury Addick,Matthew Blake, Buzzaboutabit, Colin G, Swede Addick, Malcolm, David Todman, Colin GPhil, Dan Briordy and anyone else I have managed to omit.

Happy New Year to you all and best wishes for 2016. I will raise a glass to you all tomorrow.


Boston Addick said...

I regularly read your post DDTG, thoroughly enjoy them. I am in Bremen, home of Werder, so your honest and direct style makes me feel like I could be seeing ongoings at The Valley through my own eyes. I go by the name of Boston Addick, on account of having been living in Boston MA, before moving to Germany. Best wishes for 2016, and COYR.

ThamesmeadIrons said...

Always look at your blog mate. Obviously I'm not Charlton but as you well know I certainly would be if I wasn't from The other side of the river. Happy new year to you. Mrs T & the girls x

tony said...

Wishing you and yours well.
Good luck trying to get to grips with the technology 2016 will bring.
Thought we would make a change from CP and visit Sandy Balls (New Forest).
Home already...
Keep up the informative blogs and maybe see you over PVR a little more in 2016.
All the best.
Tony, Michelle and family.

Boneyboy said...

Thanks for the regular and thoughtful postings. Best wishes for the new year.

Dave said...

Happy New Year Tony. Sandy Balls a step up according to a mate. Let me know....