Saturday, 19 December 2015

Ambitious Burnley 4 v 'Competitive' Charlton Athletic Nil

As predicted, December is turning into a nightmeire of a month. A four-nil spanking at Burnley and we lost Vaz Te to injury. Will they bring Tony Watt back? No, because the deal's been done. Will they act on our interim Flemish-speaker. No, because he will get another chance at Bristol City and possible one last throw of the dice at home to Wolves. By then we will be points adrift and our chances of attracting anyone worth their salt will be diminished because they might realistically want a budget and a say in who comes in. So, expect another Flemish-speaker and several more unknown, undisclosed transfer deal arrivals to rock up to join the relegation battle with the kids.

Speaking of which, did you see the bench today? Pope, Sarr, Holmes-Dennis, Charles-Cook, Konsa, Bergdich and Ahearne-Grant. An average age of 20 and average number of appearances for us in single figures. Yep, let's milk that Academy because that's what it's all about now. Selling Lookman in January will be hailed as this year's must-do book-balancer.

Spare a thought, too, for the dwindling band if diehards who are still prepared to spend all day and plenty of money travelling to watch us away from home. A seriously humiliating experience the way things are going. Less than 250 there today. Maybe we need a Target Away following too? How about Target 20,000 Home and 2,000 Away? Put the focus group on the case. This needs some serious out-of-your-box thinking. Pass the Absinthe.


Anonymous said...

Since attending my first game at The Valley (home to Peterborough, League Cup 1971, 5 1 win) I (we) have witnessed many owners, teams, situations that have made us all feel angry but nothing compares to the anger I feel at this current bunch of inept owners, sadly, as supporters we have always pulled together in the face adversity, I don't feel that this time, even with the 2% campaign, we are in serious shit this time. I will be at the next home game, I will not attend the match but I will join in with the pre match demo. Totally fucked off.


David Walker said...

Even diehard fans who go away regularly have now said they won't be going away anymore. Add that to people like me who won't go to home games and it's a slippery slope to oblivion. Call me a pessimist but with the current regime leading us to God knows where I can only see us going one way. I love Charlton, it's been a massive part of my life but I won't watch Roland Duchatelets "catwalk" as Dave called it, no way!

Anonymous said...

I have been going since 1969 when my dad judged I was old enough to get the bus from Abbey Wood with my mates. I am now 56 and have remained loyal to my club for 46 years through many many lows made bare able by the odd high. I too am as peed off now as at any time including the Glikstein days when a few of us met at the whodathoughtit to arrange a meeting with Mr G but he left before we got to do anything. But how do I give up when both my daughters are in their 20's & have had season tickets with me since they were 4 or 5 and they are proud to support their local team & tell other glory fans such - even both their boyfriends are Charlton fans from charlton families & do more away games than I do.
Somehow I hope we get saved but all the time our CEO & owner won't face facts or tell the truth I don't see it being a quick fix but nor do I see a hero riding a white horse arriving over the hill to buy Roland out.
Who knows what 2016 will bring but I don't think I can run away at this real time of need