Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A few bets for 2016?

New Year is always time for reflection and for looking ahead. Given the year we have just had, please forgive me for only wanting to consider what the future may hold for Addick fans. To help me weigh these up I am showing my own odds on them coming to pass.

1. Karel Fraye walking the plank before mid-January - 1-2

- I can't see us picking up the points we need for Roland to be able to justify making poor Karel our full-time manager (thankfuily). If we are to have any chance of staying up we will need a new manager bounce. Bye Karel - you will go down in Charlton history with Les Reed and Ken Craggs.

2. Charlton Athletic to go down - Evens

History and stats tell you that relegation beckons for those in the zone at the half-way mark. I see very little chance of Duchatelet spending what he needs to be sure of safeguarding his investment. I also think he would happily settle for a lower geared club and big fish in smaller pond syndrome. He could convince himself he would have a better chance selling us on as a newly promoted League One club as opposed to perennial Championship strugglers.

3. Katrien Meire to be sacked this season -3-1

Not as unlikely as some think. Roland's investment is going in the wrong direction and at some point he has to acknowledge the mess the club is in and her part in it. He has already shown us he can be ruthless as Chris Powell, Jose Riga, Bob Peeters and Guy Luzon will attest.

4. A five goal or higher walloping - 4-1

Got to be a real chance of this having suffered a 4-0 tonking already and on the back of a string over 3-0's, a few at home as well.

5. An official home gate of under 10,000 this season - 5-1

I can hear some of you dismissing this on the basis that we already have more season ticket holders. However, should we get past Colchester in the cup, we could be drawn at home against modest opposition.....

6. Roland Duchatelet to sell us on - 6-1

Not as unlikely as some may think. His Plan A has failed with FFP and it's hard to see what Plan B is without heavier investment. He was clear at the outset he had no intention of throwing money at the club. On that basis you have to consider that he is actively looking to sell. He has already sold his biggest footballing asset in Standard Liege and we are next in the value stakes.

7. Ademola Lookman to sign a contract extension - 7-1

Will he look at Diego Poyet and consider extending with us to get first team experience or maybe no further than Joe Gomez who was playing for Liverpool within months of leaving? Moneys talks.

8. Three or more recognised signings in January - 9-1

I am sure we will see a few new faces, especially if Fraye gets the tin-tack. However, we haven't a track record of bringing in established Championship-experienced players and given the expense and where Duchatelet might be in his head, I can't see him shelling out either.

9. A Charlton Player to score 10 or more this season - 15-1

Looking unlikely. Watt has gone and Lookman likely to go. Vaz Te has an outside chance but not at his present scoring rate. We are unlikely to fork out for a proven scoring capable of the equivalent of twenty a season.

10. Katrien Meire to acknowledge some of her bigger porkies - 50-1

Any betting field needs an outsider and there's sod all chance of her apologising because she can't see anything wrong.

What do you reckon?


ChicagoAddick said...

#2 worries me and I have started to consider this option. Many highlight KM's edict that RD doesn't do failure and certainly he is a successful businessman, although not politician. I think you have unearthed his plan B.


Oh well, I hope you and the family have a great Christmas Dave.

Dave said...

Merry Christmas to you too CA! Given how long it takes to find a prospective buyer and to sell a club, two more years wouldn't be unrealistic - it took him a year at Standard Liege and they were a much more marketable club. Have a safe trip and I don't blame you for not depressing yourself on Monday. There is a chance I won't be there either as `i am juggling other stuff and may be away myself overnight.....it's where we've been taken by these visionless numpties.

Dave said...

12th January Update - 5-0 spanking mighty Huddersfield.

Dave said...

13th January Update - Karel Fraye sacked by mid-January.

Dave said...

16th January Update - they have gone one worse today with a 6-0 hammering at Hull.