Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Let's crank up the volume

Ipswich Town are Saturday's lunchtime visitors and, maybe more importantly, so too are the Sky cameras. A perfect chance for those of us who are disilliusioned with Roland Duchatelet's nonsensical and ambivalent approach to owning our club and exasperated by the arrogant Katrien Meire's inept running of it, to again let them know we aren't going to settle for our club being run down and made a laughing stock.

Madame Meire has dismissed the protesters as a "negative 2%." Another typical self-serving poor judgement. On Saturday we will be behind the West Stand again at Midday let her know we want her out and to give her another opportunity to re-estimate the size of the disillionment and consider her position.

The crowd will again be well disciplined and as respectful as should be expected. This time we will also sound our frustration in the second minute of the match by holding up black and white 2% flyers and chanting "Stand up for the 2%." Let's make her cringe.

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