Wednesday, 11 November 2015

"It was unacceptable"

I was following the Tweets and updates from last nights select gathering of two dozen Meire-invited supporters to hear her, Richard Murray and Johnny Jackson respond to the escalating criticism and challenge of the leadership and direction our club is headed.

I had very low hopes of hearing anything remotely genuine in terms of a change of tack. Instead I expected some platitudes and a few token steps to address some of the smaller issues but that the main differences would remain and the struggle would continue to intensify as the club continues to drown.

I was staggered to hear that Madame Meire's plan was to accept zero responsibility and actually harden her stance. I cannot believe she had the temerity to suggest Saturday's protest was unrepresentative and only from those with negative attitudes! She actually said that she is expecting supporters who believe that Roland has a well founded strategy and that she is doing a brilliant job, to make their voices heard and, presumably, show more support than the protesters.

Kyle Andrew catches the specifics very well in his post on this so I won't repeat and, frankly, don't want to waste my time on.

A definition of insanity is doing the same things repeatedly and expecting a different outcome. I can't think of a more fitting description of Madame Meire at the moment. There is an argument, of course, that she will get a different outcome - a much larger and more viceriferous protest.

As we said last week, she has to go and unless he does something radically different, so does the dictatorial Duchatelet. The gloves are well and truly off now. The protesting must continue pre and post match and I will be cancelling my Valley Gold subscriptions this morning. I will also support any agreed plan of action including boycotting matches until she is gone.


Marco. said...

Freudian Slip there Dave?
"unless he dies...."

Pete said...

Is the last word in first line of the final paragraph, a Freudian Slip?

Dave said...

Marco/Pete - yes! Posting on the train via a mobile....

CA Addick said...

The problem is that this owner and management will never change and they have no clue how to run a successful club. Their model has not worked in any really competitive league and they have learned nothing in 22 months. KM is in totally over her head.

But it is no good wanting them out until replacement owners are found. And there lies the problem. It has been suggested they paid $20 m. It would need $10-15m player investment and the ability to fund a loss. Therefore we need a group who can invest $40 -50plus million. The only likelihood is that investors would need to come from the Middle East or the USA. How do we find such investors and who is best to lead a charge. What Charlton fan(s)has/have the celebrity to help find such investors.

We can moan all we want but until there is a viable alternative nothing can change