Monday, 23 November 2015

Charlton Athletic In Pictures 1975-2015

Returned home this evening to my pre-ordered copy of Steve Bridge's Picturebook showing off over one hundred of his best photographs of Charlton players, fans and venues over the last 40 years. 

The dates coincide close enough with my own Charlton history, so it feels fairly personal. Many of Steve's shots are familiar already but there are still enough I haven't seen before to make it particularly worthwhile having. His hard-back print run has sold out but he's planning on a paperback follow-up if there is enough demand. Let him know directly if you are interested at 

Ironic that my snap of Steve's cover doesn't do it justice!


JanRobertson said...

My Dad would have loved this! A copy would have been winging it's way up to Elgin in time for christmas. Hope you are all well, Jan

Dave said...

Hey Jan,

He would indeed have loved and bought it! Good to see you are still following all things Red.



Geoff said...

Tis indeed a brilliant tome, Dave. One of mine will be going to Ireland for educational and nostalgic purposes, and I already need at least one more. Our favourite page is p40 where the Den scoreboard gives prominence above the game score to "Criminal Specialists". Could there have been a more appropriate location?