Monday, 26 October 2015

Two Belgian Nonentities Confirmed

As widely predicted, Karel Fraye and another bloke unqualified to do the job, have been appointed as temporary First Team Coach and Assistant. As well as earning some decent money whilst it lasts (I hope they haven't accepted a month-in-hand), the pair should qualify for appearances on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here in future.

Katrien Meire has been working overtime to come up with the brilliant idea to appoint the pair 'temporarily' whilst the trawl of global talent doesn't continue in the background. It's a great wheeze because they can claim it was only ever temporary when the pair are replaced in short order once it's clear that the squad aren't convinced by two blokes from Belgium who can't trap a ball and are less qualified than they all are to be picking the team and sorting the tactics. Expect our consistent recent form to continue apace as the players send a message to Dumb and Dumber that they will only play for someone they respect.

In the meantime, let's fire-up the war machine and get our message across as supporters that we have had our fill of being dicked over, lied to and taken for complete idiots. In my view it's time for a boycott of sorts and everything we can do to embarrass Roland Duchatelet and Katrien Meire to sell our club on and get back to what they know and understand which isn't professional football. I wasn't going to attend the Trust Meeting this week but I am now rearranging my plans.


Bob Miller said...

Perhaps a quick call to Mr. Joshua Harris might be in order. To the best of my knowledge, he has yet to strike a deal on an English football team.

Anonymous said...

Surely, we call knew that they would use the term "interim" for the latest 2 suckers that have been appointed but let's just suppose that they are actually looking for a permanent manager, who in their right mind would want to work under the conditions set by the Muppets in charge, OK, so we might get applications from the more desperate and washed up ex managers but that would be it.

I truly can't see us escaping relegation and as unpalatable as I know this sounds, I'm not sure that I want to, I just want rid of this clown, if by things getting worse it stirs us supporters out of the apathy that seems to have engulfed us and in turn brings an eventual regime change, then I'm all for things getting worse.


Boneyboy said...

Monday's Evening Standard ... appointment may be made permanent if team move up the table.... so expect TinTin and Snowy to be around for a while..