Monday, 19 October 2015

That's apathy for you

A first for me. A few weeks ago I was invited to a work dinner by my boss. It was a team meal but I declined as we were due to play Palace. Unusually, the meal was rescheduled (for tomorrow night) and I accepted the invite without checking my personal diary. I subsequently realised that the dinner is an excuse to say farewell to me as I started a new job (same company) on 1st October.

I was aware last week that we are at home tomorrow but the penny didn't drop until I looked at my work diary for the morning. The fact that home fixtures barely register is a sign of how disinterested I have become. Ordinarily, I would make another excuse and prioritise on being at the Valley, but having considered it for a few minutes I am going to break the habit of a lifetime and miss a game I could easily be at. It will be a decent meal and it would be rude for me not to be there after all. Will I miss anything?


Pete said...

Thanks for helping me decide not to bother making the trip tomorrow. You have my ST if you can persuade someone to use. Still deliberating on whether to make the trek on Saturday. We'll see

Bob Miller said...

Hopefully!! :-)

Save the train said...

Sound about as down as you can be about the club at the moment save. Can't be there tonight myself will go Saturday if not working.can't believe you have not mentioned the rugby, absolutely gutted. I know you will be, catch up soon Save the train.

Dave said...

Dave - yes, back to the low point of last season. I will be there on Saturday. Couldn't bring myself to comment on the rugby - I thought we rode our luck - and besides, all those interested were probably watching anyway. Dave.
PS I assume you are having 'big finger trouble' with you small mobile keyboard?

ChicagoAddick said...

I agree with (D) Save. It is time to worry when people like you mate start to lose interest. Not that KM gives a flying. What we need now is another coming to Jesus fan movement, otherwise we are f***ed under this lot. Honestly the stewardship of this club these past few years, and I include the spivs as well, has been nothing short of a disaster. Sure you can give me Leeds, and that is funny, but we are not close behind in the shadows of the media.

The spivs did appoint Powell though, I'll give them that. RD gave us a sofa.