Saturday, 31 October 2015

Middlesbrough 3 v Charlton Athletic Nil

Fourth straight defeat and only two points from the last 24. We did manage to hang on for an hour before being swept aside but the other stats from today's game are alarming and make it clear that the squad haven't responded to the uninspiring appointment of another inexperienced Belgian network manager.

One effort on target and a paltry 26% possession. We did, however, make 16 fouls. Karel Fraye can obviously make an improvement on that but first we have to try and get something at Milton Keynes on Tuesday night. Fail there and the Valley could be a pressure cooker when the high-flying Owls visit on Saturday.

I can't see anything changing as things stand and the temporariness of Karel Fraye's appointment will come into sharp focus throwing even more ridicule on Roland Duchatelet's running of our club. In the meantime we fall further behind and join Rotherham as firm favourites for the drop.

Roland Duchatelet is rapidly turning our club into a national joke. Newcastle have been the perennial under-achievers, Sheffield Wednesday the most deluded and Leeds the worst run until now. The fact is we could challenge Newcastle for under-achievement, match Wednesday for our bouts of overblown optimism on the back of half a dozen results and make Leeds look a modicum of professionalism. The difference between us and those clubs, of course, is that they have larger fan bases who wield some power at their clubs and with the national press. The way things are going, "doing a Charlton" could soon have an altogether different meaning than when it was in vogue for us punching above our weight and steadily establishing ourselves in the top flight.

Pissed off, angry and strangely not bothered all at the same time.


Pete said...

I'm beginning to think,maybe it's time to walk away and not bother going any more.

ChicagoAddick said...

Heaven help us Dave.

PeterB said...

When I think of all the trouble so many went through to stop our club dying by getting us home, it’s time to say enough is enough.
It’s obvious that the current administration don’t understand English championship football, they certainly don’t understand the great club they have bought, don’t care about the fans opinion and don’t understand how to get out of the mess they keep getting us into!
Maybe it’s time to boycott this circus, give it up as a bad job, let the Belgian have his play thing to destroy and form our own club, even if we have to start at Sunday park level surely it would be better than having to witness this slow death of a loved one?

Anonymous said...

Great post Dave, agree wholeheartedly.


Martin Cowan said...

Dave, 2 points from 30. So, even worse!

Dave said...

I see Rod Liddle has written a piece in his Sunday Times column which is bang on and Charlton-obsessed Owls fans feel obliged to comment on..

Before any Massives jump on this, I found their site when searching for a copy of widdle's column.

devlinpowell said...

I wonder if Katrien Meire has read this article. Rod Liddle is a opinion maker and the Times is a quality paper. She is in an untenable position now I suspect she will resign. My Prediction is that Riga will return his assistant is keeping his seat warm. Its the only(twisted) logical Manager that the owner will accept. As casual supporter who goes infrequently 8 / 10 times a year home and away none of this makes me want to turn up more. my son and his friends don't want to make the effort. I don't expect to win every week but I demand a competitive team. I have watched some utter tosh this season.I have ticket to the away game in Brighton it could be my last or a long while.

Dave said...

Devlin - resigning might be the honourable thing for KM but she's too arrogant to honestly assess her own performance. She also doesn't have a better job to go to. I think we all had respect for Riga for saving our bacon in 13-14 but he may have struck lucky in a sense that the survival instinct had kicked in with our team. Irrespective, he's a network manager and we have had our fill. Making so, mending and keeping on side of the owner won't help. We need a more Championship experienced professional who would agree to take the job on within Duchatelet's brief - there may not be too many takers.

Roy Mann said...

Oi Oi Dave Roy from the White Cliffs country here.
Its our club mate no matter what they do. We the former share holders,season ticket holders,Valley Gold members. In the decades i have been going the football has mostly been shit,even in the Prem years. i(we) go for the memories and the mates we have made (life long). I still remember where i stood with my late Dad and Uncles--the shed for a club shop and the wall which had toilet sign but was just a wall. The trips all over the place in the cold and wet on a weekday night , sometimes sleeping on the station---none of this they can take away. Of course they neither understand or give a rats, but that part is ours and never will be theirs.You know it you were there !!
The Mexican and myself do worry about you we think the depression is the male menopause(sic) !
Chin up chief its Charlton and will mostly be shit !

David Walker said...

"Pissed off, angry and strangely not bothered all at the same time" nicely sums up how I feel right now, just add puzzled into the equation.

Dave said...


I don't know about the male menopause but if you weren't holed up in a French village on the Channel and if the Mexican actually still lived here and suffered it every week, you might be saying the same.

Good to hear from you and hope retirement by the sea is suiting you.