Thursday, 29 October 2015


That's the bookies verdict on our chances of winning at the Riverside on Saturday. Simon Makienok may well be lumping on given his confidence this week following the arrival of the Flemish-speaker now filling the team-sheet out.

Personally, I reckon 8-1 is realistic odds for Boro hitting 8 (eight) against us. If you took it though, you would have to go for Charlton Nil, given our powder-puff strike force. I hope Big Mak gets a start so he can prove me wrong and show us his lethal finishing qualities as we power to victory. Hopefully he won't be repeating his line this week about the Preston game when he said "when I came on I tried to show some energy, but they scored their third and the game was finished." My advice is Simon might keep his gob shut this week and try to let his striking prowess do his talking.

Whilst in the mood for dispensing wisdom, my tip for Karel Fraye is to ham-up his inability to speak English so he can swerve some of the anticipated post-match questioning from the assembled hacks. He could always pretend that Guy Luzon is still working his notice and that he's not actually in charge until next week.

I might also suggest that Katrien Meire takes a lift if she's going to away matches in future because there will be a large queue wanting to harangue her, Watford-stylee, if she ventures onto public transport. Given the strength of feeling this is a serious risk for La Meire even if travelling numbers are likely to be down to double figures given the dross we are serving up.

I am not going to make the Trust Meeting this evening and have been put off by reinforcement of the fact that first and foremost, it's an AGM. It's about time we heard from the Royal Oak Rebels of whatever they were called. At least they had seen the writing on the wall and had the capacity to agree a decisive course of protest.....


Bob Miller said...

Dave, with respect, if you listen to the interview with Karel Fraeye, you will note that he is highly proficient in English, has a nice demeanour, a ready smile and is determined to turn things around. He reminded viewers that he had a great relationship with Jason Euell the last time he was here with Riga and is looking forward to working with Jason to get some results. Whether or not this will be the case is a major question, but at least his heart is in the right place. He is totally aware of the resistance among the supporter base to his appointment and all he asks is that fans give the players sufficient support to spur them on a level of play which he feels they can attain and which, if successful will take them away from the relegation danger zone. As much as we can get all rile up about the way CAFC is being totally mismanaged on a day-to-day basis and harbour strong resentment toward the wanker in Liege, Karel seems a really decent guy and I wish him the best!

Dave said...


I was being facetious. I know his level of English is decent and I wish him all the best. The appointment of Euell was a good one, if a bit of an afterthought. I wish Karel all the best, we can't afford to go down, but I just cannot see a scenario where this works out in the medium term let alone anything else.



Bob Miller said...

It isn't going to be easy Dave, that's for certain!