Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Selhurst Park

My day is all mapped out. I am working from home and will be comfortably seated to watch Scotland beat Japan in their opening RWC match at 2.30pm with all phones and computers off.  Surely, Vern Cotter will have learnt from the South African disaster and will get Scotland to fire the ball out to their backs as often as possible and to stretch Japan with the boot. That will represent Part 1 of the mission today.

Part 2 follows at Crystal Palace this evening where I hope to see Charlton Athletic upset the apple-cart. The players on the pitch for both sides will be oblivious to history. No doubt someone has given them a five minute lecture but it will mean nothing to them. Most of them weren't born 30 years ago and they will approach the match little differently from any other League Cup encounter against higher league opposition.

I don't think I missed a home match at Selhurst Park during exile. Not because I enjoyed it so much but because I was such a fervent fan at the time and was attending most of the away games as well. They really were shit days and even the fact that we reached the old First Division for the first time in my life was a cheat because it wasn't what I had dreamt of so many times - top flight football at the Valley. Four years I have almost managed to blank out.

I am limiting my time in SE25 to the match and, hopefully, just ten minutes either side to get to and from Norwood Junction. I have no fondness for anything there. I am determined that a defeat won't rile me. We are away from home against a Premier League side and it's only the League Cup. We will probably slip to defeat but the prospect of getting one over on Palace is too good to resist.

I don't really care who plays. I am expecting changes and an unbalanced side. I don't care who Palace put out either. Big Nose can play his full team or his reserves. All that will matter to me is how competitive we are and do we have a go. The rest will be a bonus.



Anonymous said...

Couldn't get a ticket for this one Dave despite the efforts of my best source. I've heard rumours Luzon may rest a few players for this. I will be mighty hacked off if we do. We've got sweet FA to play for in the league (I've written off anything above 12th) and playing any Premiership team should be treated seriously. Playing this scum should be the most important game of the season for Luzon regardless of what they know about our history. But I suspect you are right in how most of our staff will view it.

Enjoy both games today mate

Pembury Addick

Dave said...

PA - I am always worth asking as I usually have access to few more than I need. Scotland underway.

Anonymous said...

First game accomplished with aplomb Dave!

Good omen for the second!

Good luck.

Thanks for the offer - I'll give you a shout next time

Pembury Addick