Saturday, 5 September 2015

Let's all back Geoff at the White Swan

The White Swan in The Village re-opened it's doors last night in what looks like a last throw of the dice. Having closed several times already and looking like it was going to be turned into flats, Geoff has ridden to the rescue and is going to make a go of itThe good news for Addicks fans is that he is already a successful Publican having re-established The Pelton Arms in Greenwich and one or two others further afield.

Charlton locals made a big effort to welcome Geoff last night and they were joined by a number of Geoff's regulars from The Pelton. I will be switching my pre and post match drinking to the White Swan and will endeavour to show my face once or twice a week in between times. 

It would be great if Geoff can see what might be possible on match days if Addicks fans can make a big effort to support him on Saturday before and after the Rotherham game. Let's face it, we have precious few watering-holes left and even the Liberal is being down-sized. If you are an East-Stander the walk down to the match is only ten minutes entering via Lansdowne Mews.

Come on you Reds, it's not hard to make an effort for a pint or two in a new or revisited venue!


Ian said...

Surprised to hear it has re opened Dave , I thought the deal was signed and sealed to turn it into flats , as you say there are not many left now , with also Clanceys on the bottom road closing since last season , I went into the Bugle on the QPR game and it was murder getting a beer so I suppose another pub in the village will ease the pressure

Chicago Addick said...

It's get my vote. Hopefully by the next time I'm in SE7 the WS will be thriving.

ThamesmeadIrons said...

A similar problem will happen around the Boleyn Ground when we move to the Olympic Stadium. I'm certain the "the Queens, the Boleyn, the Vic" will almost certainly fold up. There's also the supporters club opposite the south bank. I've not been to the OS yet but I've been told the closest pubs are a "proper trot" the social side of football has always been a huge part of my football experience. I don't think the OS will fulfil my needs on that side of things! Good luck to The White Swan.. '><'