Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Two wide men

I may be enjoying my holiday in sunny Florida but I have to comment on the proposed signing of James Henry and contract extension of Maestro Gudmundsson.

Henry is a class act and I am surprised Kenny Jackett is considering letting him go. Having started out at home-club Reading, he spent several unproductive spells on loan before a move to Millwall where he was a firm favourite. Cyprus Ray was a huge fan and gutted to see him leave. Henry is right-sided and at just over six feet can be effective in the middle. He is certainly someone who would supply a stream of crosses for our flying forward line.

I was convinced that JBG was going to leave. The "I'll wait and see who we sign first" threat sounded like softening the ground for a move and having underwhelmed us on the the transfers-front, he had the perfect excuse to leave. Perhaps there were no firm offers for him but all that matters is that he appears ready to commit himself to a new deal.

A couple of centre-halves please (Lenglet from France) and we might be ready to begin to get playing together. We have left it late but I wasn't expecting anything else if I am honest.


Hungry Ted said...

Cause to be cautiously optimistic if both of those wide men deals come off, Dave.

Chicago Addick said...

Agreed. Essential we have a couple of good wide men to feed the tall bloke and Igor. Can't remember the last time we scored from a cross or a corner!

Anonymous said...

I saw the filming too - but on the day I walked past they were all dressed in red and white - I assumed it was a skit for a comedy football programme because the sponsors on the shirts said' Visit North Korea' and the team's emblem was an anchor - they were called something like west anchor united - are you a w.anchor? was the slogan on one of the posters. I can only hope that this is not some further totally inappropriate marketing 'joke' and that the club were fully aware of the content of what was being filmed.