Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Two centre-halves

Naby Sarr, an inexperienced, 21 year-old, six-foot-five, French U20 has become the seventh new addition to Guy Luzon, Damian Matthew and David Martane's squad. There appears a genuine sense of optimism with the latest signings coming on the back of Gudmunsson re-signing and Jordan Cousins expected to do the same.

I am delighted that we haven't cashed in any further than Gomez. Encouraged too that so many of the new signings are young prospects and have been secured on long contracts. There has to be hope that our strategy is changing and that we will look to build, retain and stengthen our squad over a couple of seasons which would give us a real chance to challenge for promotion.

However, I am no more than cautiously optimistic. Although Sarr is the seventh signing, he only brings our first team squad number up to an acceptable level and we remain short in central defence and on the flanks. Makienok is unproven and Vetokele appears to be carrying the same injury. We could still have significant weaknesses and be left shuffling the pack to cope. I am expecting a bumpy start given the number of new faces and lack of game time but I am dismissing relegation, unlike the Bookmakers and the predictably bitter Rod Liddle whose joking claim in his Sunday Times column this week that League One is where it's at, gave his Charlton prediction away.

I am looking forward to seeing our new side against QPR but I can't see us beating them and given the tough opening matches to follow, this new side faces a baptism of fire. If we are going to sign anyone else, please let it be Championship-experienced players like the rumoured James Henry. Henry would also pass what appears to be the new height test.


bristol addick said...

Wouldn't expect anything less from the Millwall supporting and allegedly 'racist' Liddle. Whilst not perfect, the squad is certainly looking better than a week ago. Feeling cautiously optimistic, if only we can score some goals!

Anonymous said...

Oh lighten up, Rod Liddle and Danny Baker are the only things you could like about Millwall. Anyhow he gives more than enough stick to his own team.