Thursday, 16 July 2015

Comings and goings

No, nothing revealing on the player front.

On the 'comings ' front, I was witness to a film being made outside the Valley this week. As I made my way around to the club to purchase a couple of season-tickets for my Step-Brother's son and his mate, I spotted several hundred people crowded around the tunnel by Ransome's Walk. I first I thought it might be some protest outside the Mosque but I noticed many in Man City colours as I drew closer and then saw the crowd moving en masse to cue. There were film cameras and tracking as well as large support vehicles in the Charlton car park (all appear to have evaded the sea of potholes). I was busy so couldn't loiter but listened to the sounds of a biggish crowd for the next couple of hours, so assume they were also shooting inside the ground. Someone must know....

In terms of 'goings,' I am finishing a hectic working week which makes me feel old and question how much longer my well-developed and cultured cynicism can deal with the fresh and ironic cynicism of those parts of our business who are directing traffic. I am conscious that I am now unable to conceal all of it and wonder whether anyone I work with has suggested Tourette's in my absence. What's more, I inch closer to the point of not giving a toss which I know to be dangerous for all concerned. Good then that I am off to Florida to hopefully recharge my batteries and return emboldened to be more professional than of late and extend my career into a 35th year.

To be honest, I am happy to be going and will miss nothing whilst I am away. A small squad visibly struggling with an increasingly frustrated looking Senior Head First Coach Manager who is looking like he will have to work miracles to avoid a series of opening league defeats and a struggling start. 

We are still no nearer Gladnost and I sense the pendulum has again swung away from Roly and Katrien and it might need a repeat of the seven wins from nine that Luzon managed with a much bigger and better squad at his disposal earlier this year to lift the mood. It's difficult not to be pessimistic about our chances when you know practically every other side in our division has maintained or strengthened their squads. I can't think of another who won't have two competent and experienced first-teamers for every position as well as a strong bench and a blend of youth and experience.

There's almost an inevitability about the visit of QPR on 8th August. I can see that match passing off very like the final one of last season when a large contingent of visiting fans had a field-day as their vastly superior side dismantled us to take the points with something to spare and left us all cursing what we already knew and dreaming of a fresh start after a positive close season. 


801912601 said...

Hope the Florida break refuels your enthusiasm for Charlton and work. It is pretty bleak on the team front but I am trying to look forward to the new season and surely we will add to the squad in the next week or two.
On the work front I can agree every day is a battle and miss the good old days.

Dave said...

Ah 801912601! Thank you. Do you know from next month this will be your 'people number?' Nil carborundum illegitimi.