Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Roland sells the Mothership

News this morning that Roland Duchatelet has sold Standard Liege, the flagship of his football club network. He was undoubtedly unpopular with the Liege fans who have campaigned to get rid of him but I am reminded that he has been very adept thus far at not giving two hoots what supporters think.

There is also a question of him clearing up any possible contravention of Belgian club ownership rules following St Truiden's promotion, although I suspect he has acted primarily out of a desire to get out of Liege. I am left wondering again whether the effective failure of FFP has broken his plan to beat the system?

If it has, then you would want to sell your biggest assets first before the market tumbles you are heading out. Perhaps a big of a leap of imagination, but lo' and behold there are also rumours of a wealthy Nigerian Oil tycoon have expressed an interest in acquiring a non-Premier League London club. Duchatelet is also quoted as having said he may be getting out of SL but he's not getting out of football. Again, you don't signal your intention to the market or your prospective buyers lower their offers in the hope of securing a bargain.

The next few weeks could be interesting......

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