Wednesday, 17 June 2015

QPR on the first day

The new season will open on Saturday 8th August with QPR visiting SE7. We follow that with three tough aways (Derby, Forest and Wolves) and a visit of also-relegated Hull City before Wolves away. The pessimistics are predicting an immediate relegation battle whilst the optimists think it will be good to play these games early on and that it could fire us up for a good start.

What will determine that, of course, is what shape our team is likely to be in and the signs here are not good. The squad that finished last year has already been depleted numerically without any significant loss, from my perspective, but   it's looking increasingly likely that some of our best players will be sold on to balance the books. Gomez already looks a goner and Vetokele, Gudmundson and now Cousins are being linked with other clubs. 

Probably best to assess things in early August but the pessimistics hold sway at the moment. It is hard looking down the fixture list for me to get too excited. The matches all look 'samey' and equally difficult. My love affair with Charlton Athletic Football Club is on the wane and I feel sad about that.

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Tony said...

There's always Park View Road....