Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Fixtures due as well as player movement

The fixtures for the forthcoming season should be out next Thursday with a few leaked on Wednesday. That is traditionally the signal for supporters to start to get interested again in what might be happening next season. Who will we play on the first day? Is it the regular mishmash of predictable dull London derbies over Christmas and where will we be celebrating promotion at the other end of the season? Unfortunately, it won't be Carlisle again.

We should also see the first confirmed transfer activity. Most players will be returning from their second or third holidays and those ready to depart will sign the contracts that see them move on. JBG will be the test for me but I am assuming he will go to Wolves for an undisclosed £3m. Vetokele similarly for an undisclosed £4m to FFFP QPR. I also expect Wiggins, Harriott and Bikey to pick up other clubs along with Joe Piggott who Phil Brown wants at Southend. 

If most or all of that comes to pass, we are going to need to be active in the transfer market and will need to recruit two playable centre-halves, covering left and right-backs, a creative central midfielder, two playable wingers and two goalscorers. Given the Duchatelet plan, I would expect us to pick up all bar one or two of those for free and we might hope to start the season with similar strength to how we finished it. Much would then depend on how the players fit together and how much motivation Guy Luzon can instil.

In the meantime, just how many season tickets have we sold? Still no word although I did receive an email reminding me that I will get 9 free games if I renew. Only, of course, if I am available and willing to attend every match and if they don't discount too many games to fill empty seats. I am expecting gates to drop by a couple of thousand this season on the back of last and the whole general lack of ambition and strategic communication from the club.

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