Thursday, 11 June 2015

Dublin's Fair City

After what will have been a long working week, I will be heading out to Dublin late on Friday evening in order to get acclimatised ahead of Scotland's first real crunch match in the Euro 16 qualifiers.

Tickets for the visitors are at a premium and I was well-short of the points required to qualify for one of the 3000 available but I have managed, with a mate, to get one courtesy of an Irish fan he knows who has hospitality tickets. It seems begging, stealing and borrowing has become my way of getting into away games since I stopped qualifying on merit. It's a vicious circle, of course, because I don't get points nowadays for the games I do get to overseas.

Anyway, I am pleased I will be at the game and equally delighted to get a weekend in Dublin with half-a-dozen of Aberdeen's finest. The plan is to be in Doheny & Nesbitt's at 8pm on Friday and have a great laugh until kick-off.

The reverse match in Glasgow was a very close affair and I am expecting the same. The head says Ireland's home advantage will tell and I suspect Gordon Strachan would take a draw but my heart says the current band might just nick it. Stephen Naismith is due a goal or perhaps a repeat from Sean Maloney in a one-nil smash and grab?

Scotland forever!

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