Monday, 11 May 2015

QPR circle complete.

QPR were hammered 6-0 at Manchester City yesterday and were finally relegated from the top flight. Their promotion in 2012-13 was bank-rolled by Tony Fernandez in contravention of the FFP rules and the R's face an uncomfortable time as the Football League decides what action to take now that they are seeking to re-join the Championship.

Under Football League rules, they could be fined up to £45m or refused entry to the Championship or the FL. That could mean the Conference, a delicious coincidence with namesakes Glasgow Rangers for their own financial mismanagement.

Tony Fernandez is pinning his hopes on a huge write-off of personal debt to effectively minimise losses during the promotion season. This is likely to save some of their bacon although the FL has to be seen to administer a strong enough deterrent to other clubs or else FFP will be holed below the waterline. It's already struggling badly having made a huge concession to the bigger clubs by relaxing the financial thresholds and effectively halving them. 

Irrespective, QPR will need to clear out the rotten apples and ditch at least half of their large and dysfunctional squad of players. They will also need a root and branch reform that, frankly, looks unlikely to me with Chris Ramsey still in charge. Ramsey is passionate about wanting the job on an extended basis and his playing staff have largely been supportive of him vocally, not that it's made any difference to their performances and results. 

Let's hope Ramsey stays and anything more than a decent fine will be a bonus. An additional points deduction would seem fair if they are to start in the Championship next season. I wouldn't be betting on an automatic return if I were an R's fan.

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Dave said...

Ramsey handed the job. Expect the struggle to continue and Ramsey to be relieved of his duties before the January window....