Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Season Ticket price challenge for 2016-17

West Ham have put an early marker down in a bid to fill their 54,000 Olympic Stadium when they trot out in August 2016. They have announced season ticket prices well over a year in advance and the worrying news for Katrien Meire and the Master of Chateau Duchatelet is that at starting prices of £289 for adults and £99 Premier League football will be on offer at similar prices to what we will pay next year for Championship football.

That won't tempt those of us with Charlton tattoos but for the floating voter it's a no-brainer. When we were filling the Valley in the top flight, affordability and Premiership football was what sold us out every home game, not the prospect of watching Charlton in the top flight.

Charlton will need a very respectable season next year and a compelling season ticket offer if we are not to see gates drop purely because of what's available cheaply three stops from North Greenwich. With hindsight, they could have done something innovative for this coming season by linking it to the following season or thereafter. There is still an opportunity to target the walk-up and neutral but the tone for the pricing policy gets sets by the cost of season tickets. 

One to watch...

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  1. Very disconcerting and it puts more pressure on Duchatelet's ambitions for the club this summer.


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