Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Highs and Lows

Catching upon after a hectic weekend of visitors and long and depressing day in the office. Time, maybe for some perspective.

First, sorry to hear about the cowardly attack on Watford fan Nick Cruwys by some Wolverhampton low-life as he made his way home after watching his team get a spirited draw. What's as depressing is that it happened on the notorious subway routes under the Wolverhampton ring-road that fans have to negotiate to and from the station. Having had trouble there myself in previous visits and knowing how common it is, you have to wonder why the place isn't full of cameras and why it's not properly policed. Mr. Cruwys is in a coma and I hope his family get some good news in the coming days.

Secondly, if that was depressing news about one end of the Wolves spectrum, then credit should go to the quick thinking Wolves fan who set-up a site to collect money for Mr.Cruwys and which had over £21,000 earlier today. Money only goes some way towards compensating Mr. Cruwys and his family but the thoughts that accompany it will mean as much to a loyal football fan who probably understands very well that we aren't all the same.

Changing the subject completely, I was pleased to see that common sense has finally prevailed over Crossbars Lounge in the Covered End and that the Club will allow all fans to use it before and after matches in future without charge. I have never been able to understand why you would put a premium on your own fans to spend additional money in a club facility. The extra they charge on food and drink should be margin enough if you can attract the customers in volume, so why deter them with an entry cost? Personally, I prefer a pub (not a working man's club) but I will pop in on occasion next season and spend some money.

Pleased too today, to hear that Stephen Henderson's test injury is not serious. Hopefully he will be back between the posts quickly and gets a longer uninjured spell.

Finally, good or bad news depending on your point of view, but Ian Holloway was finally sacked today at Millwall. John Berylson is some Chairman but even he has been too loyal to Holloway in allowing him extra time to try and rescue the situation at the New Den. My guess is, that after affording Holloway eight new players in January, he had to give him more time before pulling the plug. There will be those who would like to have seen Holloway complete the relegation and are concerned that Neil Harris will get the required bounce and get them out-of-trouble. That will also probably include a return to winning ways in the south-east London derby but I am not one to complain about them sacking their manager. Mr. 'Arris took the caretaker reins a couple of years ago and failed to get a bounce, so I will go for a bigger problem at Millwall than just hopeless Holloway. I think they have too much to do to catch Fulham now anyway.


801912601 said...

Think the bigger risk to Millwall relegation is if QPR get relegated and the football league force the R's into the Conference under FFP rules. Would this mean only 2 teams would be relegated from the Championship this season????

Dave said...

801912601 - Much as I would love to see QPR demoted over FFP abuse, I just can't see it being acted upon. Certainly not until tested in the courts and QPR have made it clear they will do that if necessary. A fine or points deduction much likelier in my view.

Tony said...

I would guess the one million compensation package that has been touted for Holloways removal has kept him in a job for longer than expected. Would loved to see a Charlton away win prove to be the final nail in the coffin.