Thursday, 5 February 2015

Roland ploughs on

Good news, that the Charlton Athletic Supporters Trust have cast the first stone in response to my question yesterday! Their call for an open public meeting to discuss what frustrated supporters can do to try and make some fundamental points with our non-communicative owner and CEO, is hugely welcome. I will be giving it as much support as I can.

I suggested yesterday that this wasn't, perhaps, a fight for CAST, but in their announcement, they made it very clear that Katrien Meire had refused a request for further dialogue about the growing unrest but instead offered to get a lackey to discuss anything they proposed around increasing the fan-base. Not sure whether that was an ironic suggestion on the CEO's part or another unfortunate miscommunication. Anyway, finally something is moving.

The hot news from today is that Roland Duchatelet is clearly undeterred by any impact of Financial Fair Play implementation being delayed by legal challenges, because he appears set to make a bid for French club Lens as a Network addition. I suppose the larger the Network gets the greater the choice of replacement although at some point the favours are likely to be called in when we can afford to "help" other clubs. The over-riding fact is he is ploughing on with this nonsense undeterred.

Finally, I learn that Roger Johnson is known in the Midlands as "Relegation Roger" for his previous failures at several other clubs and they are suggesting we are just the latest. I will judge based on what I see and I am hoping he won't figure if Bikey and Ben Haim stay fit and just as long as he hasn't been signed to enable Ben Haim to escape the clutches of Guy Luzon.


Tyler said...

Carry on Roland with your stewardship of CAFC, ignore all these groaners and moaners who don't even turn up to support our players win, draw or lose like I do.

Dave said...

Tyler - I assume that's your first name? Are you enjoying watching Charlton at the moment and do you think it's good to have a new manager every three months?

Anonymous said...

"Carry on Roland" - I like it. Kenneth Williams to play Roland, Babs to play Katrien, Sid James to play Murray. Charles Hawtrey to play Luzon?

Pembury Addick

Geoff said...

Stating the obvious, Dave, the nature of a network is to have holes, and we seem to find them all the time instead of the links.

Pembury Addick inspired me to think who would have played Knight of the Realm, Powell of Camberwell. In that era a suitable black actor probably wouldn't have an agent, so we'd get Charlie Williams. Still, he did know about football, unlike the other characters.