Sunday, 8 February 2015

Double loss once again as 6 Nations opens

I spent Friday evening and all yesterday afternoon watching the opening 6 Nations. A great taster for my first match next Sunday at Murrayfield where, predictably, I will go looking for Scotland's first points of the tournament. The rugby this weekend was decent fare and once again a reminder just how exciting competitive sport can be.

That meant I didn't bother once again searching fruitlessly for internet feeds or following our efforts online in the frozen waste at the home of the Smog Monsters. My wife told me it was ten past three we were one down just as Italy cut the deficit temporarily against tournament favourites Ireland.  Before I set out to walk the dog between the two big rugby matches, I was informed via my wife's Facebook (a first) that we had managed an equaliser from the eagle-eyed John Berg Gudmundssen. As I passed the Royal Oak, Charlton Kevin shouted across the road that it was 1-1 and we both agreed it wouldn't last long. As I headed up Pound Park Road and before I made Maryon Wilson Park we were 2-1 down. 

The third was a matter of time and I guess no-one expected much more. My thoughts were with the diehard 250 who had made the trip only to be disappointed once again. From Chris Powell's Flat Cap, it was disheartening to read a fuller match report which tells of a continuing lack of heart amongst the side.

When I heard the line-up, it seemed clear to me that Luzon was resting Wiggins, Bikey and Vetokele for a more winnable match at home. Fox, Onyewu and Church came into the side to maintain a 4-4-2 formation that was probably hopelessly ambitious in the circumstances. However, we need to gamble because single points are no longer good enough. We are rock bottom of the form league and without a win in fourteen games. 

We don't need a recruiting Sergeant for the CAST's open meeting for supporters at the Woolwich Grand Theatre (Flamingo's, next to the Town Hall) on Wednesday 18th February at 7.30pm. Down to 19th in the table and with seventh placed Norwich visiting on Tuesday, we have to put our best eleven players on the field and go for it. There should be no room for any substandard performances. If we don't get a win this month, we are going to go in March looking to move into a relegation space and that could spell the end of of most recent stay in the Championship. A second visit to League One would look to confirm our yo-yo status once more, only with League One providing the back-drop as opposed to the Championship as was the case 15 years ago. Sorry, but after the serious warning we got last season, the relative size of our club and the wealth of our owner, that would be unforgivable for me.

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