Sunday, 4 January 2015

Peeters blames tiredness and thin squad

Bob Peeters was on the defensive after our third defeat in four matches yesterday. "The boys were a bit tired and we had the young on the bench because we missed a lot of players."

It's fair to say that Blackburn last played on Sunday whereas we were beaten on Tuesday at Portman Road but "the boys were a bit tired" sounds pretty lame. What they were was second-best and less motivated. Cheeky too to blame 'missing' players when we chose to rest Solly and Vetokele. Ouch Onyewu has only played one match from the bench but was also listed as one of the missing players. 

When asked what positives he took from the match as he looked forward to Brighton at the Valley he said that "it's going to be a different game" because it's not the F A Cup. Statement of the bleedin' obvious Bob but not quite sure how that counts as a positive. He then said "hopefully we will sign a striker this week" which must surely have been tongue-in-cheek or else a master of understatement given that Tony Watt was in Charlton kit and kicking the ball about with his new team-mates before the match. I note that there was no other comment re new players but he added "we will see what's available for the next couple of weeks" which i took to be reference to the players he expects to be returning from injury as opposed to other signings. 

Not sure I buy the injuries list excuses either. From memory it's Wiggins, Henderson and Moussa who are the injuries and arguably only Wiggins has been missed in recent games. Neil Etheridge has settled in quickly and had his best match so far yesterday. Morgan Fox was harshly subbed at Blackburn where I thought he was made something of a scape-goat for the overall performance and it was interesting to see Bob picking him yesterday to face Blackburn again after being dropped for the previous two matches. Frankly, I wouldn't be picking Moussa even if he was fit.

All-of-a-sudden we look like a busted flush and Tony Watt will start with an even greater expectation on his shoulders next week. If he doesn't make an immediate impact and we fail to start winning again, things could become very uncomfortable for all concerned. The Charlton Bloggers were all of largely the same opinion yesterday as captured very neatly by Chicago Addick. Daggs was also forthright and outspoken in his condemnation on Doctor Kish but I knew exactly where he was coming from.

I haven't had time to look at Charlton Life yet but I am expecting more of the same. It promises to be a very interesting next seven days in SE7.

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