Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Guy Luzon in waiting

Guy Luzon is in the building and that can only mean one thing. As we await confirmation that he has replaced Bob Peeters, there is a lot of gnashing of teeth. It's pretty clear the fans don't want another Network Manager and especially one who was chased out of Standard Liege. Luzon's appointment will also make Katrien Meire look stupid for the second time inside a week. Her comments on the Official Site yesterday that we were beginning a thorough recruitment process and all that twaddle show that she doesn't really know what's going on. 

Luzon has a decent record on the face of it in terms of his win ratio in games, at 45%, but the vast majority of those matches have come in Israeli football. I am no expert on Hapoel Tel Aviv, Maccabi Petah Tikva or Bnei Yehuda but they are nowhere near the competitiveness of the Championship. 

His record at Standard is also impressive, having won 35 and drawn16 of his 72 games in charge. However, you have to ask yourself just why the Standard fans felt compelled to riot in his last match in charge and clamber across seats en mass to try and attack him. The internet is full of their bile towards him, and whilst I am no position to judge, you have to wonder.

Given the growing Network-resentment over what many are seeing as continuing mis-management of our club, Luzon's appointment rides rough-shod over any of that. The Board have failed to communicate openly with the supporters over the plans for the future, despite promising to do so in the Summer. We did see pre-season investment and food and drink options have improved although that's about all given where we find ourselves. 

The squad Luzon inherits is too small and lacking second-choice quality in most positions. I hope Duchatelet is going to back his new manager this month with better players or his honeymoon period could actually be shorter than a honeymoon holiday. I fear the natives could be revolting by the time we run out at the Valley on 31st January.


Anonymous said...

So instead of taking this opportunity to make an ambitious appointment to cheer us all up, RD has confirmed our worst fears that we as a club are merely a staging post for unwanted employees of the network.

Dave said...

Luzon - it's official. Katrien said they needed to get it right because it would be a long term appointment. Either 18 months is long term or she's looking foolish for the third time since Saturday. Severe loss of credibility.

Geoff said...

A sick joke! I suppose Luzon may be able to tell TBH in his own language to do HIS job and stop telling others how to do theirs, but what else????? I can't shed 68 years of supporting, but I can think about the season-ticket.

Anonymous said...

Words fail me, oh no wait a minute, I can think of one, BOLLOCKS.


ChicagoAddick said...

Loving the moodometer Dave. Back on the drink yet? You must need one :-)