Sunday, 11 January 2015

Bye-bye Big Bob

The reign of Bob Peeters ended this evening with a short statement on the Official Site which promises more of an explanation tomorrow. Whoever replaces Peeters will be the fourth Charlton Athletic manager inside twelve months. That's the antithesis of what we have grown up with at the Valley but things change.

I thought Duchatelet was wrong to sack Chris Powell although we were struggling and in a relegation battle. Jose Riga did a sterling job and I wasn't happy when he was not offered an extension, although he didn't sign a contract, so I suppose he couldn't really complain. Given Bob Peeters was appointed in the close season when Roland was busy investing in the Valley and making plans for the training ground, it was easy to be more optimistic about his appointment. The new signings and the money spent on Igor Vetekole, in particular, demonstrated commitment and we started the season on song.

Unfortunately, once the heat of Summer had faded we suffered a debilitating series of draws built on the back of out-and-out defensive displays where we were content to try and win every match 1-0 if we took the lead and irrespective of whether we were home or away, or whomever the opposition were. It wasn't good to watch.

Once the colder weather arrived, a few injuries exposed the frailty of our squad and we have begun to lose more games than we have drawn. No wins in the last nine and three successive draws has threatened to bring the house down. Our fans have been fairly patient. The final assessment from me is that in 25 league matches, Bob's side only once managed to take a two goal lead and that only lasted 8 minutes.

No doubt we will hear more about rumoured dressing room discontent in the coming days and perhaps Bob himself will have something to say. He certainly hasn't been supported during the January window but Duchatelet now has time to bring someone else in and back them with a signing or two.

Unfortunately, the immediate favourites will be Duchatelet cronies and Luzon and Fraye will top the list. There are other English managers around who are kicking their heels but please not Neil Warnock. I can't end without mentioning Curbs. I was one of those who was tired of watching us struggle in the Premiership and mistakenly thought we were established enough to risk the gamble of a new broom. Oh how wrong I was. Curbs would want things on his terms but his return would capture the imagination of the majority and promise better times.


Anonymous said...

Not Curbs please, he is past his sell by date I can't watch another season of watching paint dry!

My son, as a youngster gave up watching Charlton as they were so boring under Curbs and has never been back to the Valley since!

Anonymous said...

Just can't see anyone other than a network man, or someone who has links with RD, even if we did appoint a non network man, could you see them being manager for long given the constraints they'd be under.


Anonymous said...

Right decision I think Dave. It was dire yesterday and has been all season. Your description and that of Blackheath was spot on. so we now want that British manager with English League experience.,,,

Pembury Addick

Anonymous said...


I've just seen on CL that somebody has posted a tweet from John Hayes who is the owner of Axis, he's said that after 40 years as a ST holder and 20 years as a sponsor, he now finds CAFC unrecognizable, so it's goodbye from me and Axis.

John Hayes is married to Kay's cousin, we use to visit their tiny terrace house in Plumstead, I always found John to be a good bloke and he loves Charlton, so this tweet for me is very worrying.


Anonymous said...

Id like to see Peter Taylor given a change....if he want the poison chalice at the moment that is. He's great with youngsters which is what we have. We are almost a very good team but the inept choice of playing Wilson was wrong when we have others was beyond me. He is simply not good enough for this league. We needed 3 points Saturday so the Manager put Tucadean up front when we had our new signing rearing to go sitting on the bench!! better to have played him from the start and replaced him if he got tired not the other way around. I was incensed from the start as Tony Watt is a f..king good player.