Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Ipswich Town 3 v Charlton Athletic 0

So we end 2014 with our heaviest defeat of the season. If you consider that Ipswich also hit the woodwork three times, this could have been much worse. The stats tell us we had 57% possession and we had had chances although there was no-one capable of netting. The corner count is more telling of the possession with Ipswich swinging 16 over and us managing 4. Following the match on Charlton Life, Ipswich got their 15th corner early in the second-half, around the time we won our first, which suggests they may have taken their foot off the gas.

Bob Peeters also gambled with a 3-5-2 formation although probably hard to be objective about that given we started 4-4-2 and were already one down before we changed. Irrespective, it's now only two wins from 14 games and the 24 goals we have scored matches the paltry showing from this time last season. The defeat also sees us slide into the bottom-half of the table for the first time this campaign. It really has been a poor footballing show under Bob Peeters so far, all things considered.

I am confident we are only a few players short of turning things around and we have to hope and believe they will be brought in over the next fortnight. I have written the F A Cup off already although we should be seeing off sides like Blackburn at our place. Any win would be welcome right now and if we progress it could give us another valuable 90 minutes for new players to acclimatise.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting these pages and for sharing the trouble, especially all of you who take time to comment during the year. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing this evening, I hope you have a good night and wish you all the best for 2015.

Up the Addicks!


Brian Cowan said...

I think we may all be disappointed by any transfer activity. Wasn't the word that RD would only spend if we were looking good for the play offs ? Expect signings from within the network.

Anonymous said...

This new Woburn place is no where as good as Elveden. They have announced that due to complaints from local farmers, the fireworks will be replaced with a pyrotechnic display? I feel a compensation letter coming.

Wishing you and your family all the best for 2015
Tony and family.

Dave said...

Happy New Year Tony! Forgot you were booked in to Centreparcs. If you had gone to Elvedon Forest you could have sneaked out and seen us getting trounced at Ipswich.

Anonymous said...

3-0 flatered them Dave, but as usual, despite our possession we had but one limp shot on target I think. Ipswich reminded me of Stoke and Hull when they went up - they didn't look much better than us but just have a knack of winning. They seem to edge those very fine margins in The Championship. Their first two goals were your bulk standard scrappy corners. But they all count.

On the coach back we mused on the sort of manager that has got teams promoted from the Championship in the last two seasons - pretty sure they were all British with lots of English league experience. Doubt if we are going anywhere for quite a while then! Have to say it feels like disappointing another season is over for us already - but you know that the my track record of seeing Charlton win isn't good!

Thanks for your blog in 2014 - as usual its been a first class read!

Pembury Addick

Dave said...

Happy New Year PA. I feell marginally better hearing your account of last night. I do, however, think you should miss a few matches in January until we are back in the top half.

ChicagoAddick said...

January is a crucial month. A few fresh faces would help, maybe even Delort and Watt. Agree with Brian I find it hard to invisage RD opening the check book.

Happy New Year to you and the family Dave.

devlinpowell said...

At the match on Tuesday . I think Ipswich will go up, they looked strong well disciplined in set pieces, they did have 2 very fortunate fee kicks which were well taken, our keeper looked very nervous each time. We looked very lite weight up front easily pushed off the ball, but that's inevitable when there is a good defense and not much in attack . JJ did not run much in my eyes and is clearly not fit ( big clap to the away support, is he off to Join CP??). I agree we need 2 players Midfield and a forward. BP is a good coach, very different team than the one I saw at my last away away at Brighton, full fit Charlton, I don't think would have lost. Happy new year, thanks for you blog. Its the one I always read.

Dave said...

Thanks Devlin and best wishes for 2015.