Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Ho! Ho! Ho!

A late Christmas present for all Addicks. The ego that is Alan Pardew has managed to find a graceful exit for himself from the ridiculous Geordie Nation and he is to return to SE25 where he will have the glaring opportunity to take them down in his first six months in charge. It's a gift that we should be able to enjoy for some time.

Palace are going to pay Newcastle £2m in compensation for a manager the fans would have carried down to London three months ago. Mike Ashley must be laughing his big tits off to think he will pocket more cash he can squander on the Geordie money-pit or his new lost cause in Glasgow. It also vindicates his bonkers decision to hand the chancer Pardew a seven year contract which has looked like a huge mistake up until yesterday. Ashley must have studied the league in great detail to identify Palace as the only realistic club likely to take Pardoo off his hands and banked on getting compensation - genius.

I was convinced that Pulis couldn't save Palace last year and was proven wrong. I don't believe lightning strikes twice and fully expect to see Pardew rock the boat in SE25 over the next month as he gets his excuses ready early and whilst he takes the January opportunity to splash more of Palace's promotion cash to bring in some of his players who will upset the applecart. It promises to make great viewing....

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