Thursday, 20 November 2014

Bring on the 'Wall

I am looking forward to Saturday's local derby more than I should be. I have been going to these games since the mid-70's and our record is so paltry that I shudder when I think about it. Irrespective of where we stand, who is managing us or how we play, we struggle to get results.

Don't tell anyone but I spent a season watching Millwall as an eleven year old when my parents split up and a well-meaning friend of the family took me along with his own son to every home match. I enjoyed it although Millwall were as hopeless as we were (and Chelsea at the time where I also spent some time). My soft spot for Millwall didn't last too long. I was there with my Chelsea supporting Old Man the day they beat Chelsea 3-1 (77?) and I witnessed families being attacked and crying women and children being spat upon. 

My own experience as an opposition fan when we play Millwall isn't anywhere as bad and, I am sure, the expectations for most are much worse than the reality. Our fans aren't on the Bushwackers radar but we suffer more than anyone else from their personal determination to rule the roost in Lewisham, Greenwich, Bexley and Kent. It's why a game against us is their "Cup Final" and they hate us saying it. They sell out in hours and would take close to a home gate if we gave them the tickets.

I have some very good mates from my youth who are Millwall through and through and I am expecting a call to rendevous before or after the match so we can take the piss out of each other other once more. They may have more to crow about in these games but we hold our own in the banter stakes. One of best mates (now in Cyprus) and his four older brothers are all died-in-the-wool Millwall and I will be getting texts throughout the weekend from them.

All that said, we should look forward to this match. They have been very beatable this season and haven't travelled well. We should be closer to a full squad and we have a lot of character about us at the moment. We also have the quality in Igor Vetokele to win this game irrespective of the opposition. Bob Peeters also seems to get it and I hope he can convey that message in a way most of his predecessors ahem failed to do so miserably.

I have friends down from Aberdeen and I pray we put up a better show than the Palace home game they suffered with us last year. My heart is saying one nil will do it but my head still tells me fate will ensure they take something. Bring on the 'Wall!


Anonymous said...

I daren't really say it but I do have a hunch we may score a few on Saturday. We are due a few goals, and a win against the auld enemy. Be lovely if it all came together on Saturday and we walloped them several nil!

Dave said...

Hope you are right Pedro. I see what you did there with "auld enemy."

Anonymous said...

Dave, I was also at that Scum/Chelsea game, I was with a mate (slightly older than us) he was a Chelsea supporter, we ended up in the halfway stand, just inside the opening that lead to the old CAL, a Chelsea supporting family, mum, dad and 2 kids entered the halfway, the dad had obviously already been set upon, the wife and kids were crying and then this little arse wipe shouted out "fucking Chelsea" and he got attacked again. My hatred for that lot was firmly planted into every inch of my body, I hate/loathe them with a passion, every little two bob fucking teddy toughnut one of em. Not for wanting to sound like Kevin Keegan but I'd love it, absolutely love it if we smash them on Saturday. Anyway, must dash as my Horlicks is getting cold.

PS/ Ahem ahem, have I missed a blog ?


Dave said...

Ha ha - Mexico Vic has already asked me that. It was a poxy friendly and I honestly wouldn't gave posted if the result was different. Anyone who was interested saw it! I'm just pleased it was another Auld Enemy match that passed off without any agro.

Tony said...

Ha, ha, the missing blog.
I was thinking the same.
If Igor is fit I fancy a win,
It would be nice to not just win, but have a memorable one.