Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Those Stats so far this season

It's been on my mind for a while but after last night I had to get the calculator out. After 13 league games the situation concerning the amount of possession, number of shots and number of corners is as follows;

Percentage Possession

In only one match so far this season have we had more possession than our opponents and that was the goalless home draw against Middlesbrough when we had 54% to their 46%. Our average possession in all outings is 41% versus 59% which bucks the trend hugely when you consider we have won 5, drawn 7 and only lost one.

Shots on Target

This perhaps emphasises the effect of more possession more dramatically. We have managed 111 efforts on goal averaging 8 or 9 game, whereas our collective opponents have amassed 192, averaging 14 or 15 a match, getting on for double....


The corner count is 42 for Charlton and a whopping 110 for them which shows how much pressure we have absorbed.

It's points that count of course but just how much better might we be doing with a more competitive midfield that could offer greater protection to the defence and ensure we spend more time in possession and pushing to at least level the efforts on goal and corner counts.

Come on Roland, take a punt my son, you'll get your investment back and get more enjoyment watching us play.

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