Friday, 10 October 2014

Ibrox tomorrow

I am off at first light tomorrow. I will be heading north in my soon to be 13 year old Panzer. A brief stop on the outskirts of Cambridge to pick up a fellow Sweaty en route to Glasgae.

It will be a long day because we have decided to forego a stopover and instead head back down south after the match. Normally, it's a good excuse for a night on the town with our fellow Aberdonians who trek south for the game. Trouble is they are all heading straight back after the match too. Four of them have early starts on Sunday as they jet off to Poland pursuing the dream of qualification for a football finals. 

For me, I hope to see the resurgence under Gordon Strachan continue and any win will do. I am going back next month for the Republic of Ireland game (a Friday night at Celtic Park) but I have made no commitment beyond that. The UEFA Committee that decided the fixtures for the European qualifiers must have had a long and enjoyable lunch when deciding the matches would be played on a Thursday, a Friday, a Saturday, a Sunday, a Monday and a Tuesday. What's the point of an international weekend break when you do that? It's asking too much from fans to take time off work for most of the games. 

Beyond that I am looking forward to a trip to Bournemouth next Saturday to cheer the Addicks on. I will be at the home match, of course, against Bolton the following Tuesday and am planning on being at Craven Cottage to help swell the visiting contingent of Charlton fans for the live Sky TV showing. I hope many more of us are prepared to make the trip. It will be embarrassing to see a half-empty away end at a London derby just because it's live on the box.


Anonymous said...

we'll be at Craven Cottage too Dave - can't stand watching us on the telly - the commentators do my nut in!

Pembury Addick

Dave said...

Glad to hear it PA. We should be taking 3000 over there but I suspect it will be south of two....