Friday, 24 October 2014

Fulham 3 v Charlton Athletic 0

I had every intention of being there this evening but was surprised to find out on Wednesday morning that we had sold all of our tickets, bar restricted views. That wouldn't have bothered me, ordinarily, as I would have been happy enough to sit in the neutral section in the Putney End. Trouble is, I didn't really fancy it as I had zero confidence of a result and it was on the box. I was swithering all day but in the end apathy got the better of me.

On reflection I am glad I didn't go as we were mince in the first-half. I honestly thought it would end 4-0. We were second best and the thinness of the squad was evident for all to see. However, I was very surprised and impressed by our battling second-half display and that augurs well for the rest of the season. 

We lacked a cutting edge tonight. George Tucudean tries his best but he is not the best footballer in the world. With no-one alongside him it's an even harder ask. Franck Moussa is not a striker and it's painful watching him huff and puff behind the out-and-out forward when he is so clearly out-of-his-depth. Karl Ahearne-Grant at least brought some penetration to the attack when he came on and whilst he looked short of scoring we could at least bask in the promise of a seventeen year old who showed no fear.

Roland Duchatelet has to act now if he believes there is any realistic chance of promotion. We are clearly two players short - one in midfield and one up-front. Our season will be finished without Igor Vetekole.

How ironic after the stats all season to see us dominate second-half and still fail to score. The visiting fans were in good voice all evening, which was encouraging, and hopefully that will carry forward to the next few games as we seek to consolidate our promising start. An away defeat at Fulham might mot look such a bad result come May but it does now after their pathetic start.


Anonymous said...

3-0.was more than flattering to Fulham. Our thin squad had them on the back foot for the second half and they had several experienced premiership players. I am happy with the performance but as you say we need more quality in depth - midfielder and striker

801912601 said...

Our first 11 is able to hold its own in the Championship but unfortunately the squad is very weak and last night we were without 3 of our better players. The positive last night was the crowd - stayed behind the team all night. The boat trip up from Greenwich was good and those on the bridges were well entertained :-). Lets hope the attacking 2nd half is carried into next Saturday's home game.

Geoff said...

What is it about us Addicks, Dave? I had predicted the same 4-0 to No1 Son. He had the disadvantage of watching it at home and suffering patronising Sky commentators. I had the disadvantage, along with 2900+ others, of seeing that eleven minute hurricane under our noses.

You're right about Moussa, but I'd adjust your comment on getting more players for a promotion run to getting more players to stay around our present placing. Bob says we will get more players in January. That will be two months too late.
Last night's squad, except for Dillon Phillips, was made up of everybody not injured or suspended. Now Bulot's joined the list.
New players need to be of a decent standard, viz the difference JBG made when he came on, looking for the ball, chasing, passing accurately. I'd also recommend another defender because with Solly on one game a week, we will need Gomez fit, and Wilson supplementing midfield. Morro, as we know, is not a full-back.

Dave said...

801912601 - at least you made a day and an night of it! Midnight back at Greenwich after that??

Dave said...

Geoff - I think you are probably right about needing to strengthen to stay in contention rather than push for promotion. I look at Bournemouth's result at Birmingham today, something our current side is absolutely incapable of because we simply don't set out to win matches in that fashion. Such a shame but I guess BP is trying to make a silk purse from a sow's ear.