Monday, 15 September 2014

Wandering back to the Valley

I am really looking forward to seeing Charlton play again at the Valley tomorrow having missed the opening three home league wins. I am confident we should be able to see Wolves off but they have conceded only two league goals this season (to be fair they have only scored six) so it could be another cagey and close affair given Saturday's defensive prowess.

Chicago Addick makes a good point about our lack of possession in most of our unbeaten matches so far this season. This was something that I got to thinking about whilst trying to follow the game online in Cyprus on Saturday. I am prepared to accept that we have a stronger defence this season and that BP has us defending more fully as a team. Igor Vetokele has typified the 'all-hands-to-the-pumps' approach with his defensive covering. We have also played some of the better sides in the division, especially with the three homes matches but we shouldn't forget this is a very competitive division.

We need to deliver more from midfield if we are to put more pressure on other sides and I expect us to do that against some of the weaker teams. I don't have Wolves in that box but we should take the game to them tomorrow. With Gudmundsson out and Solly likely to be rested, Lawrie Wilson will play and I am assuming he will fill the right-back berth which will not help our wide options. Bulot doesn't appear to be ready yet, so it looks like we will be forced to shuffle our existing hand. Consensus says Buyens and Cousins are the best centre-mid pairing but with Jackson, Moussa and Harriott all failing to command a flank position so far, we are missing a trick in priming Vetokele and Tucudean.

Given our options, I wonder whether playing Wiggins and Fox in tandem on the left might be a better option tomorrow with Moussa or Jackson on the right? Whatever the side we put out, we must create more chances for the strikers. In front of what should be another decent gate and under floodlights the conditions could just be right for a less stressful home win. I fancy a routine 2-0 home win which would have our bus rocking on the way to Rotherham on Saturday and would go some way to cementing a very promising start.


Pete said...

I think Gomez in for Solly and eithyer Wilson or Cousins out wide. Precedent has already ben set. I also read CA's analysis but think that perhaps we've been coached to adapt that style and now do a lot more and more effective work without the ball and are happy to concede posession. Like I said to you the other day, this time last year I would have been worried at the amount of pressure we come under, not so this season. We don't always look comfortable and we will concede due to that pressure at some stage, but for now it seems to be working. We'll probably get walloped tonight just to prove me wrong!!

Dave said...

Pete - I had forgotten Gomez. Was reminded about him on the train to work this morning. Suddenly more reassured. Come you Reds!