Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Norwich City 0 v Charlton Athletic 1

On rare occasions, and I mean rare occasions, you sometimes get a result that is not only a huge and pleasant surprise, but which also threatens to be truly significant in the grand scheme of things. We may just have got one of those results this evening at Carrow Road.

After 9 unbeaten games we perhaps should have had more collective confidence that we could get a result but, let's face it, the overwhelming majority were thinking home win. Due in large part by the fact that we have played most of the season so far defending from the back, struggling to hold midfield and relying on scoring on the break, that is perhaps understandable.

However, there is an increasingly strong case to suggest that this squad of players have formed big bonds that may endure and enable us to punch above our apparent weight this season. I think there is also a decent and increasing argument that we have played a disproportionate number of the division's stronger footballing sides. That argument looks much stronger ten games in and, especially, after this evening's performance and result. Having said that, we do look like we need additional personnel if we are to vary the game plan and we surely need to be able to do that to have any serious promotion hopes.

Bob Peeters deserves enormous credit here both for instilling the never-say-die spirit and for being prepared to make some big decisions in team selection. It takes big balls to drop a Premier League experienced and international striker for a 17 year old debutant for a fixture like this. It also takes great belief to blood the likes of Joe Gomez and continue to feature Morgan Fox. This is what Big Bob said he believed in and what he would do, but I didn't believe we had players around the corner like Ahearne-Grant and Gomez who might be slotted in so quickly. Perhaps too early to be bigging KAG up but there is already considerable excitement about him following on from the graceful introduction of Joe Gomez.

Great to see the maligned Johnnie Jackson once again proving his worth and netting the winner. A reminder once again that this is a team sport and you need a blend and balance to succeed, including experience, leadership and self-belief. Take a bow son!

Finally, huge respect to those who made the time and found the money to be there this evening. You deserved this and I suspect your numbers will be swelled at Bournemouth and Fulham - I will be making the effort.


Anonymous said...

Which of our experienced premier league strikers did Bob drop for the Norwich game?

Puzzled of Purley

Dave said...

Ah! I could have been clearer but was referring to Simon Church being dropped from the squad in favour of Karlan Ahearhe-Grant.

Anonymous said...

I was so excited by this result, that I had to phone the wife and ask her to prepare for the "Norwich acronym".