Thursday, 25 September 2014


I watched Boro take Liverpool through extra-time on Tuesday evening and all the way through 27 penalties before finally being subdued. They should present a formidable challenge to our unbeaten start but I am hopeful BP can get us organised and up for the fight and that we can take our unbeaten run to Norwich on Tuesday. I can already hear a little voice in my head saying "I don't want another draw" so I am really saying we need to go for it like we did against Wigan and Derby at home.

Unfortunately, I won't be there having made a big commitment a year ago on being at a slice of the Ryder Cup. As a spectator sport, golf is not everyone's cup-of-tea and I understand that, especially never-players. However, I struggle to understand how any sports fans can't be gripped by the drama of the Ryder Cup and uniqueness of supporting this side of the Atlantic against the Yanks, who are proving to be increasingly gracious losers.

I am flying up tomorrow with two fellow Addicks and may meet up with a carload of others who have joined the party late. No doubt we may bump into a few more who will make a corner of Gleneagles red and white on Saturday afternoon for a hour and a half as we become less interested in golfing points and more interested in Championship ones.

We are staying in Stirling, a town I have driven past countless times but never found time to stop in. I am hoping for a visit on Sunday morning to Bannockburn or the Wallace Memorial although interest may be low within my party.

In the meantime, get behind the boys and roar us on against buoyant Boro.

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