Wednesday, 10 September 2014

David Whyte-Whyte-Whyte

Saddened to learn this morning that former Addicks striker and Greenwich-boy, David Whyte, has passed away aged just 43. He played for us in a three year spell between 1994 and 1997 when his goals and his individual ability shone brightly and promised so much. I remember carrying a firm conviction that David Whyte would go on to achieve everything in the game - he had a natural ability and created moments of brilliance from next to nothing. 

Wikipedia says he scored 30 goals in 93 games matches for us although the official club figures are slightly higher than that. The key statistic though is that he managed 21 of those in his first season with us averaging a tad more than one in two. That he only managed eight other goals for other clubs and only another fifty-odd appearances tells you all you need to know about the rest of David's career which I believe was affected by mental health issues. Such a huge unfulfilled potential.

The best memory I have of David Whyte was him taking a ball out of defence chest height as ran left to right across the arc of the centre-circle in what I believe was Watford's half. The crowd in the East Stand sensed the break was on and we looked feverishly for breaking players in support. David Whyte was twenty yards in front of any other red shirt but he knew the keeper was out of goal and already knew what was going to happen. He chested the ball high as he turned underneath it and struck a blistering volley which soared over the goalie and dipped in. What a goal - David Whyte-Whyte-Whyte. 

Rest in peace David.

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