Friday, 19 September 2014

Canny Scotland

It's been a long night for me, staying up to witness the people of Scotland vote to stay a part of the United Kingdom. I believe it is the first time in history that a country has rejected independence having been given the chance through a national vote. I am tired but I will go to work with a spring in my step today.

The question has been handled hugely impressively in Scotland in a mature debate that almost every inhabitant has participated in wholeheartedly, by-and-large with complete respect for the viewpoint of others. The size of the gap (around 10 points) should ensure that Nationalists will respect the majority decision and Scotland will move on part of the Union. Alex Salmond has just acknowledged that with good grace although his dream clearly lives on. They will, of course, get extra powers and will declare a victory of sorts nonetheless as they continue to effectively govern Scotland from a stronger position than before.

This should spell the end of independence in my homeland for a generation at least and I am delighted about that. I was born in a United Kingdom and I want to die in one. I am proud of my Scottish heritage and the place of my birth but I am British and England has been good to me and has always recognised Scotland's role in Union.

We should now see a backlash of sorts in England which should lead to further changes in government of the UK. The West Lothian Question must be dealt with once and for all. Westminster will also need to appease English Nationalists in some way in addition to that. I believe the Labour party comes out of this particularly poorly, especially the hapless Ed Milliband, although an independent Scotland would have dealt them an even bigger blow.

The SNP will be returned at the next General Election with an increased majority in Scotland although I won't be at all surprised if Salmond makes way for someone. I would be very confident of that if he had a really credible number two but that's not Nicola Sturgeon.


Anonymous said...

I'm deeply disappointed. This result will mean more of the same.
English taxes pouring over the border and the people of England sidelined.
For me there is only one solution; Full (dis)UK federation with a Parliament for England.
The traitors in Westminster will do everything to avoid democracy, fairness and equality for England


Bob Miller said...

Good on the majority in Scotland. England needs Scotland and Scotland needs England! As the son of a Glasgow born Dad and a Lancaster born Mum,I am pleased. There have been two official referendums in the province of Quebec (Canada) for separation, both of which were defeated. The situations are very similar to Scotland, In Quebec, there remains at least a thirty percent minority who would love to establish Quebec as an independent country and you can be assured the Scottish separatists are not going away, so Westminster..........stay alert!

Pete said...

What pathetic creatures the three stooges (Cameron, Clegg and Miliband) are, they were spooked by the opinion polls and made unnecessary commitments.Don't they realise turkeys don't vote for Christmas.Scotland was always on a winner regardless of the result. Now 90% of the UK population have to kow tow to a minority. Once again the English (London and SE in particular) will send even more money to a few to boost their finances whilst we see even more cutbacks. I was praying for Scottish independence, now we're stuck with the chippy lot for ever.

Dave said...

Well, within the day, Salmond has indeed gone and Cameron has moved to address the West Lothian Question.

Anonymous said...

Very happy with the NO vote but the fall out today has been very interesting. Miliband in particular was woeful throughout the campaign and I will be amazed if he is leader of the Labour party come the next election, which, in truth, I would be disappointed by, as a Labour party with Milliband at the healm would almost be unelectable, IMO.


Dave said...

PH - Labour unelectable with Milliband at the helm. Just seen Andrew Neil give that smug fucker Chuka Umunna an absolute trousering. Having come on to represent Labour in this Scottish debate he couldn't name more than two members of the shadow Scotland Labour cabinet and couldn't even say what one if them was responsible for.

Anonymous said...

Delighted with the result - for heavens sake 307 years of history shouldn't be overturned by a simple majority and 16 year old voters anyway- its a nonsense.
My biggest concern is all these calls for local democracy - all that means is more politicians and bureaucrats.
Does anyone remember strong local democracy in Liverpool with Derek Hatton or look at Newham now - why on earth should we devolve more power - its a recipe for more corruption and local fiefdoms