Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Oh go on then..

Colchester United visit the Valley tonight in the first round League Cup. Not exactly one to get the pulse racing but I will be there to see the new look ground and because I will miss the next three league matches. 

The stock of the League Cup has never really been that strong but in recent years it has become weaker still. Bigger clubs have now taken to fielding reserve sides and we invariably feature as a bigger club and a not-too-difficult scalp as a result. Successive managers have failed to change policy or heed the warning and I fully expect BP to do the same this evening.

I watched Derby walk all over Carlisle United last night in an easy 2-0 victory in front of a smattering of fans (3481) and suspect we might struggle to improve on that this evening. For those who aren't still on holiday, they also face two more home league games within the next week. This match really doesn't prioritise...

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