Friday, 8 August 2014

Are you ready?

Tomorrow is that unique day every year where we awake with an unusually euphoric feeling knowing that our season begins and we kick-off level with the rest of the division. That feeling for an away start is usually different from a home match, especially if you have a ticket.

- You will, almost inevitably, have worked your day out in broad-brush terms...

- Your best jeans will be in the wash and you will checking on progress to ensure they are ready to be pulled on.

- You will know what else you will be wearing. Mindful of the weather but hey, it's August right and a we are playing in the Smoke, so it's a top and comfortable footwear (trainers for me, even at 51). I'm not a replica shirt kind of guy but if you are and have bought one, it too may be freshly laundered. Perhaps even it's first outing?

- You are sorted with whom you are going to the match and how you are getting there. If it's by boat you probably booked back in June and have no post-match plans. I will be at Waterloo around 11.30 with every intention of being on the streets of Brentford shortly after midday.

- You will have a good idea of where you will be having your pre-match ritual. Mine's beer and we hope to get a pint in each of the four pubs around the ground as a farewell before the Bees move to their new ground. I'm guessing we will end up in the Royal Oak but we will play that bit by ear. 

- We will have a full away section and plenty of expectation around the new players.We will make lots of noise and maybe a new chant or a spur-of-the-moment funny for the amusement of the locals?

- We will want to avoid an early goal and to be competitive. This lot are just out of League One and we will want to show them we know what it's all about.

- Beyond that, it's about the Charlton performance for me first and the result second. We want that win and I have gambled on us at three's, but more in hope than expectation. Brentford may be playing us at the right time.

- Dpending on how the match goes, a celebratory pint after the match locally or a rush away and a pint at Waterloo to contemplate if not. The other results will be of more interest than usual as we assess the surprises and acknowledge the bankers.

The great thing is we get to watch the Blackburn v Cardiff taster tonight from our living rooms. Funny but we will all be hoping for a draw so they both drop two points! So useful for our promotion push.

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801912601 said...

Dave - great post, lots of us feel the same despite being 50+.

Tomorrow starts for 6 of us with a big breakfast in Lewisham before getting the DLR to Greenwich. Boat trip to Putney bridge to meet up with lots of old faces & then a meet up with another 6 for more beers in the pubs by the ground. Expect a couple after the game to let the crowds go before heading home.

Let's hope the team puts in a performance tomorrow and the good day out is matched by the result for once.