Saturday, 12 July 2014

Welling United 2 v Charlton Athletic 0

I have  learnt over the years not to take friendlies too seriously. The days of expecting promotion after a 5-0 rout at Park View Road are long gone. In fact, a good pre-season is often followed by a poor start and vice-versa.

So, a two nil defeat at Welling today needs to be put into perspective and what we learnt from the match is as important as the result itself;

1) The weather forecast for the Welling friendly should always be taken with a pinch of salt.  It's going to be hot and you need to be wearing shorts.

2) The new home shirt is Gooner-light and I am not a fan. It was interesting to note that for once the fans had managed to acquire it whilst the first team were still wearing last years effort - marketing own goal.

3) Interest in this season is high - the gate today was 2360 and there was unbridled optimism following our most recent signings, even if none of them  appeared today.

4) My guess is that Andre Bikey is the new Guvnor in the dressing room. He is an absolute monster.

5) Joe Gomez had another comfortable 45 minutes and looks capable of starting a league match.

6) We still look lightweight up front. i'm not sure if Igor Vetokele played in the seond-half (I am guessing he did) but he didn't make much of an impression if he did. Joe Pigott played the first half with a new haircut which made him confusingly passable for Johann Berg Gudmundsson, who hasn't arrived yet.

7) Lawrie Wilson has had a long and hot holiday. His teeth looked extra-white set against his dark skin. He also looks like he has been working out, although maybe that was because of my unusually close proximity to the players. 

8) Nicky Pope looks twice as imposing as Dylan Phillips does.

9) Both of our midfields struggled to control the game today..

10) Morgan Fox doesn't suit a beard.

11) The new Pure sports bar under the main stand is classy. The owner also  sponsors the Wings shirts and deserves to be successful.

12) There is a light that never goes out.


Anonymous said...

Heaven knows I'm miserable now.


Dave said...

I am grateful to Dr Kish for pointing out that we also fielded youngsters Rhys Brown and Tariq Holmes=Dennis in addition to the impression Gomez and the busy Jack Munns. Looks like Igor Vetokele didn't play in that case, which means we went down fielding two weakened sides in both halves which doesn't feel so bad...

Dave said...

Official Site says Vetokele did play second-half as I originally thought but he didn't catch the eye....

Ketts said...

The new kit was on the road to Spain Dave but agree totally, surely we could have cobbled together enough new shirts for the game, a great marketing opportunity missed. Igor up front with Ansah in the second half btw but both our sides were very diluted.

ChicagoAddick said...

Pt 1 - you should know better
Pt 2 - Bloody awful kit, even the players prefer the old one
Pt 3 - Nice to feel the optimism
Pt 4 - Agreed
Pt 5 - Love to see that, the new Rufus
Pt 6 - Vetokele did play. Has a long neck
Pt 7 - You're making me worried
Pt 8 - No sign of another keeper
Pt 9 - Worrying
Pt 10 - Is he old enough to grow a proper beard?
Pt 11 - Hopefully the new catering contract will see similar at The Valley
Pt 12 - Sure does Dave