Saturday, 5 July 2014

Charlton Athletic 0 v Standard Liege 2

Managed to follow this on a surprisingly good internet stream. It was only 45 minutes but probably just as well or we might have expected to lose 4-0. Loic Nego was a late change at right back as was Simon Church who started in place of Vetokele. Solly might still be being protected but on this showing we need to ensure he stays around when ready to start. Nego was all over the shop.

Pope made a decent low one-handed save from a free-kick but could do little about either goal, both of which came down our right flank. 

Our chances were limited and Spongefoot was unable to make an inch on Standard's back line whenever he got on the ball. St. Trident should be a fairer match-up. Judging by the empty stands the Stayen Cup hasn't caught the imagine of the locals over there either.

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