Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Brazil 1 v Germany 7 (seven)

Historic World Cup result in Bela Horizonte last night. Like my mate Chicago Addick, I contrived to miss the first 30 minutes of this game and was astonished to find the match effectively over when I tuned in. 

When the programme started, we thought we had 30 minutes to an hour before kick-off so decided to get a fix of Orange is the new Black. By the time that finished it was all over. We sat glued to the rest of it as Brazil managed to keep it to five before the break. After Big Phil's motivational half-time speech, Brazil did improve in the second half but not sufficiently to avoid conceding two further goals and finding themselves 7-0 down. I can only compare this to those fateful away matches at Luton and Brighton when we got spanked similarly. 

Brazil were truly awful and no-one in the side took any responsibility. Hulk did at least show some determination whenever the ball got to him but that was twice in the first half and maybe three times in the second. In between Brazil had given up and their players looked completely shell-shocked. By contrast, the Germans celebrated each goal as if they were netting against a schoolboy eleven behind close doors. They were composed in front of goal and were able to make the extra pass before execution. Tellingly, Miroslav Klose broke Brazilian Ronaldo's World Cup scoring record with the second goal. The other thing about the Jorminz was the fact that they have kept a very consistent set of players over the last ten years and, once again, the benefit of loyalty and consistency has been proven.

This result could really set Brazil back. They haven't performed well in any match in spite of making the quarters. Fred has been rightly lampooned for doing absolutely nicht. I think I recall him having a shot in one match but he's been out-of-his-depth for the most part. Oscar is a player we know more about but he managed to hide in the games he in featured in and there were just too many other passengers. I suppose we should be grateful that Brazil stayed in the competition until now to keep the stadiums full and the world interested. We can see it out from here but the result last night will be spoken about for the next 50 years.

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