Thursday, 19 June 2014

Spring clean continues...

We may have a relatively unknown coach on a 12 month contract and barely a first team side to put out, but Roland Duchatelet has not closed the purse when it comes to the Club infrastructure.

Our new pitch with undersoil heating is well underway and work should soon be starting to expand and upgrade facilities at Sparrows Lane. The spruce-up at the ground has seen the big Charlton crest freshened up (see right)  as well as other maintenance work going on around the stadium e.g. the turnstiles. 

On my way past this evening I was pleased to see a pile of the sun-bleached pink chairs being stacked up outside the Covered End. We may look like a newly relegated Premier League club again even if many of our team-sheet baffles visiting fans.


Anonymous said...

the line up baffling the home support as well ! Lapsed Charlton season ticket holder looking for reason to renew

Sciurus Carolinensis Nemesis said...

Cos replacing a few faded seats and gaudying up a bit of a wall are clearly higher priorities than assembling any sort of squad or even securing the services of proven quality existing players. The silence on the playing staff is both deafening and troubling. Quite rightly more and more players who may well have stayed are making their own arrangements. With the start we have been handed in the league the squad needs to be assembled by early July not patched together in the run up to the transfer deadline in August.
Charlton feels like the last guinea pig in the lab of Roly Douchebag's bizarre experiment.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the infrastructure being renewed and improved. Building from the bottom up. I am quite positive about the future. Everyone seems to forget we very nearly went under (again).

Anonymous said...

Been working at a wonderful property, owned by a Dutch guy, his brother (a coach at a senior non league club in Holland) is staying there at present, this mornings conversation obviously revolved around England's predictable abject performance last night, we then started talking about Charlton and just as predictable as England's performance, was their knowledge of the English game, it was fascinating to hear a Dutch persons take on our game, they knew that Chris Powell had been sacked but didn't know who the new coach was. I explained about RD and Riga and told them that our new manager was Bob Peeeeeeeeters, at which point they both laughed, not only did they know him from his playing days in Holland but the brother had done some coaching seminars with him and to put it mildly, wasn't impressed with him, I so hope they're wrong.