Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Peeters, O'Grady and Sponsorship

The Official Site has caught up with new boss, Bob Peeters and quotes him today. Clearly he had a lot to say as they are releasing the interview in two parts. First, it was good to learn that he will be arriving to begin work next week and not at the end of June as Facebooked by the wife of the Club Secretary. Secondly I am surprised he quit his existing job for a one year deal overseas with us, although I guess it's a big step up and he may be prepared to take his chances with the half-billionaire, Roland Duchalet.

The rest of the 'interview' was uninformative although he acknowledged that we were a traditional club, mentioned his experienced in bringing youth on and name-checked Damian Matthew. The choice of photo accompanying the article was also eye-catching. I am going with the "shows passion" view but am reminded very strongly by someone I once came to blows with whilst minding my own business. I will look forward to Part Two.

Still no sign, or more accurately, no signing of Chris O'Grady. His agent is reported as saying the fee has been agreed but they are a long way out on personal terms and Chris wants to stay in the Championship, so any of the other 22 clubs who have yet to show any interest could yet come in for a meagre half-a-mill and cut a better deal. That puts me in the "not bothered now" camp as far as Mr. O'Grady is concerned. Greed is such an unwelcome trait.

Finally, some news on shirt sponsorship. I was pleased to see us do an unusual deal yesterday to sport University of Greenwich across the front of our shirts for next season. I couldn't quite work out how we would be making significantly out of the deal but strengthening local ties in the community can only be good and the association with Greenwich roots us firmly in the borough. In future, I thought, I might meet someone on holiday who actually knows where Charlton is. I also pondered on the financial sense of this and thought for a moment that old RD might have foregone pound coins for a nobler cause, or that maybe this was a back-handed way of the Council pumping more taxpayers hard-earned into the Club. My confidence in mankind has been restored today to learn that Andrew Sykes will be still be forking for to be on the backs of our shirts and we have also managed to squeeze Mitsubishi Electric onto our shorts. What would Sam Bartram have made of it? Probably room on his shorts for several more.

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AC said...

I agree. It's very positive. From the article on the official site it seems the tie up will help us get our youth academy status back. In the long term this is probably worth quite a lot. It also gives us an air of sophistication!