Friday, 27 June 2014

Minimum requirements in July

We enter the final month of the close season next week. Players begin to regain their fitness and pre-season games start. As we stand we can field a side but it's still far too short to start a Championship season. I reckon we need a minimum of five new first team players and ideally six.

Nicky Pope is good enough to start but with only Dillon Phillips as back-up we need a third keeper, one with experience.

With two left-backs and two right-backs, our central defence remains the most obvious gap and Michael Morrison needs two accomplished partners who would allow Harry Lennon the odd game allowing for injury and possible suspensions. 

We have two right sided wingers in Wilson and Kumberbatch but only Calum Harriott on the left. Another left-sider is a priority.

Cousins, Buyens and Jackson have experience in midfield but I am not convinced we are strong enough having to pick one from Gerard, Munns, Holmes-Dennis or Daniel to start. Another pacy ball-player is required.

Up front we have an apparent abundance in numbers but not a good enough partner for Ventokele to cause sufficient Championship damage. Neither Church or Reza are strong enough or, frankly, tall enough. Pigott, Piotr the Pole and Sho-Silva still have to develop further, which only leaves Zak Ansah. I can't comment on him but even if he comes good quickly, we could still do with a big hitter to maximise the anticipated return from Ventokele.

Pull your finger out Bob.

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