Monday, 30 June 2014

Home is where the heart is

Living by the ground it's been hard to miss the amount of ground improvement that has been going on this Summer. However, a fantastic photo taken from the back of The Heights (by a Charlton Lifer) has given a glimpse of some impressive decorating also underway in the stadium.

It would appear that everything that can be painted brilliant red, has been and they have had Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen in advising on touches to break up the red and add some much needed yellow contrast. The brilliance of the new green grass is great to see and I particularly like the photo-shopped addition of the new wording on the Covered and East stands. Only fair that the Cheap Seats are called out!

I am reminded that I have yet to renew my three season tickets and I am praying every night that they have not been snapped up by some eager punter desperate to get their hands on the most expensive seats in the ground. 

The fixture list computer has been unkind to me this year and I will miss the first three home games of the season. Given I will also miss a few for the 6 Nations, the season ticket is still a bit touch and go. I want to see the squad strengthened so we can compete and as we enter July it's only a matter of a few weeks. Looks like Bob Peeters is going to have to try the youth for the upcoming friendlies given the current size of the squad. 


tony said...

I think your seats will be safe Dave. As it happens, i think there will be a few more empty than last season.
Personally, i would go for a half season at Xmas (thats if i shared your level of Patriotism).
All this talk of football and you have managed to steer clear of our efforts in the World Cup.

Dave said...

Tony - I haven't felt the need to comment on a England. For once the expectations before they travelled were actually realistic and I thought they did ok, although no-one can really complain at an early exit. Even as a diehard Jock I lost a bit of interest when England went out.

Brazil v Belgium final? I say this before the Red Devils kick off against Uncle Sam